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Monday, January 6, 2014

Friendly Cancer Etiquette

What we say to a friend with cancer can strain or ruin the relationship--and it can also be detrimental to her already fragile state and will impede her healing. Don't know what to say? Tell her that; sit with her and let her talk. Listen, really listen without judgement or comments. Give her a hug. 

Happy New Year to all and please enjoy the following tips for helping a friend with cancer:

 (Originally written for Surviving Beautifully.)

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Elyn Jacobs is a breast cancer survivor, professional cancer strategist, speaker, and the Executive Director for the Emerald Heart Cancer Foundation. Elyn empowers women to choose the path for treatment that best fits their own individual needs. She is passionate about helping others move forward into a life of health and well-being. Elyn has been featured on CNN Money, Talk About Health, and Breast Cancer Answers and has written for the Pink Paper, Breast Cancer Wellness, Integrative Oncology Essentials, Surviving Beautifully, Body Local and more, and writes the Options for Life column for the Natural Healing-Natural Wellness Newsletter.  Elyn hosts the Survive and Live Well Radio Show on the Cancer Support Network. Elyn lives in New York with her husband and two young boys.

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