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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Three Factors that Enable a Woman to Thrive

It’s a matter of change. Let’s face it, we are not the woman we were twenty or thirty years ago.  Our needs, priorities, goals and passions change.  One thing that does not change is our need to take care of ourselves.  In my prior life, I was a bond trader, worked crazy hours and did not prioritize my health. While I loved my job, there was this gnawing feeling that I could do more, that my passion was to do something greater. When cancer struck, I realized I needed to take better care of myself, and to embrace my passion. Cancer allowed me to make change.  In doing so, I found my new passion.  I wanted to help other women to more successfully get past their cancer and into cancer free lives.  This might seem an odd transition to some, but to me, it was the best decision of my life.  Whether you act on a suppressed passion or more fully embrace a current one, all of us need to be more mindful about how we live, work and play every day.  Powerful words by guest blogger Rhonda Smith.  Rhonda found her new passion, and from this, many women will benefit. Life gives no guarantees, except death. There is plenty of time to be dead; it’s time to start living and embracing life. Change is often uncomfortable, but we owe it to ourselves to Recover, Restore and Reenergize ourselves each and every day. 
The Three Factors that Enable a Woman to Thrive
It seems as though over the past few months a common theme I've heard from women is centered on the feeling that they're in "transition".  Honestly, I think the whole world is in transition right now.

The women I have encountered talk about discovering that they've reached a point in their lives where they recognize that the choices and decisions they made many years ago that lead them to where they are today don't seem to be working for them anymore, and are feeling unfulfilled. They have a strong desire to create a different life for themselves.

I find that some are clear on how to go about making this change, some seem “stuck”, some don't know how to move forward, and some are fearful even about the thought of abandoning the life and career they have known up to this point to pursue their passion and true purpose, even though they may be undoubtedly unhappy with their current existence. 

Whatever the case may be, I think that there is some sort of transitioning happening among women.  In my personal network I see women taking charge and making changes in their lives, careers, their consumerism, their investments, and their activism.  

I am happy to say that through my own personal journey I have discovered what I believe is my passion and purpose in life – to educate, enlighten and empower not only breast cancer survivors, but women in general to become their own health and wellness advocate. This discovery was born out of my breast cancer experience and desire to make the necessary changes in my life to put my health and wellness first after realizing what a difference doing this has made in my vitality and overall quality of life. 

I have since created a business, Breast Cancer Partner that focuses on breast cancer recovery through health and wellness and taking a more integrative approach to recovery. However, in the process of getting Breast Cancer Partner off the ground, I realized that all women can benefit from putting their health and wellness first, becoming their own health and wellness advocate, and adopting the Recover Restore Reenergizeã Philosophy.  

 I realized how much we as women give of ourselves every single day to love, take care of and nurture everything and everyone we’re responsible for in our lives, saving ourselves for last.  I recognize how exhausting that can be whether we acknowledge it or not.  

 I believe that the three equal factors that enable a woman to “thrive” and live a life full of vitality with grace, elegance and energy is her ability to Recover, Restore and Reenergize herself and her life on an ongoing basis.  So, I wanted to create something that would serve as a reminder to women and hopefully inspire them to take some time each and everyday to love and nurture them in healthful, healing way – The Recover Restore ReenergizeÓ T-shirt!
And really, it doesn’t matter if you’re a woman recovering from breast cancer, a woman who is enduring the challenges of everyday life, or a woman living out your passion and purpose in the world - all of us need to be more mindful about how we live, work and play everyday. Most important, we must be sure to schedule the time to nurture and love ourselves each and everyday, putting our health and wellness first. That’s the way we can Recover, Restore and Reenergize ourselves each and everyday and be a better, bolder, brighter transmitter of light, love and energy to the world! 

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Rhonda M. Smith is the Founder of Breast Cancer Partner, an organization that focuses on breast cancer recovery through health and wellness and taking a more integrative and holistic approach to recovery. Rhonda wants to create a world in which each and every breast cancer survivor lives a life that is full of vitality, cancer-free and without fear, so that recovery is a life-enhancing rather than a life-limiting event.
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Elyn Jacobs
Elyn Jacobs is President of Elyn Jacobs Consulting, and a breast cancer survivor.  She helps women diagnosed with cancer to navigate the process of treatment and care, and she educates about how to prevent recurrence and new cancers.  She is passionate about helping others get past their cancer and into a cancer-free life.


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