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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Breast Cancer Survivor Is Tired of the Race for the Cure: She Wants Prevention

The following is a guest post by Dr Kathleen Ruddy. I am proud to be part of a special group of ladies dedicated to funding a breast cancer vaccine that is both preventive and curative.

Breast Cancer Survivor Is Tired of the Race for the Cure: She Wants Prevention

Toni Turchi is a woman who’s been running for more than thirty years, but she’s not interested  in a race for the cure; she wants prevention of breast cancer.
As a woman who always maintained a healthy lifestyle, and faithfully had her mammograms every year, she knows that prevention is more than a just smoothie word you paste across other slick words like “awareness” – for she was diagnosed with breast cancer on March 7, 2011 – and she knows that prevention, like love, is something you do, not something you say.

And what Toni is doing is this:  she’s going to give prevention the boost it needs to get itself out of the mouths of Madison Avenue mad men and into the clinic, for she’s thrown her weight behind Professor Vincent Tuohy’s preventive breast cancer vaccine developed at the Cleveland Clinic the year before she was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, a vaccine that has yet to be funded by large breast cancer foundations or the federal government.
Toni is not going to race for the cure, she’s demanding prevention.  She created the Toni Turchi Foundation several weeks ago and has been tirelessly working to get Tuohy the recognition, support, and money he needs to take his vaccine off the shelf at the Cleveland Clinic, where it has been parked for the past two years for lack of funding, and into clinical trials and on to women as soon as possible.
Did you know it only takes two people to move a crowd?  Yes, that’s right:  it only takes two people to move a crowd in a particular direction.  For details on this remarkable phenomenon, Google “complexity theory” and read all about it.  In the meantime, there are now two people who have officially taken on the task of moving a crowd of women who don’t want breast cancer in the direction of funding Tuohy’s vaccine – Toni Turchi and I.
All we need is a crowd.  Please help us get one.  And please take a look at the Toni Turchi Foundation website and donate to this very worthy cause.

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