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Friday, September 7, 2012

Improving the Quality of Life of Children with Cancer by Deborah D Miller, PhD

The following is a guest post by Deborah Miller. Be sure to look for Deborah’s upcoming EFT tapping book “The Dragon with Flames of Love (Helping Children with Serious Illnesses Improve the Quality of their Lives)”

This book touches on topics specific to children with serious illnesses and is filled with information to help family members support their children. The stories are beautifully illustrated and based on real children who this technique has helped.

Improving the Quality of Life of Children with Cancer by Deborah D Miller

How does one deal with the emotions that occur when one’s child has a serious illness like cancer?  One incredibly powerful yet gentle way to do so is with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT o Tapping). It is a powerful, simple, noble technique that children and their families can use to manage their emotions, fears, traumas and even pains. Soft stimulation of specific points on the face and body with the fingertips, while focusing on a specific problem such as fear, and stating phrases about this fear removes the energetic and emotional imbalance in the body that creates the fear.

This technique compliments that of the hospital treatments. It doesn't interfere or replace but incorporates, augments and improves the existing treatments by providing powerful and necessary tools that relieve emotional trauma such as fear, loneliness, and unwillingness to cooperate with the doctor and/or nurses.

How can this be? Well, the body is first electrical than chemical. Thus, “tapping” positively stimulates the electrical system, which in turn stimulates the body’s natural chemical system. Instead of producing “stress hormones and chemicals” that weaken the immune system, the body produces “relaxation and healing hormones and chemicals” that strengthen the immune system and improve health.

Why is it important to manage these emotions?
Improving mood also improves the immune system. If you have a sad and depressed child their immune system is depressed or weakened. If you have a happy and cheerful child their immune system improves.

By tapping, these children release the fears, anxieties and much of the pain associated with cancer. It empowers the children to choose how they feel. It prepares them for the treatments they receive and allows them to choose to be relaxed so that these procedures are easier and more comfortable.  It is completely complementary to the treatments received.

Benefits of Tapping with Children:
·         Reduces stress and fear
·         Reduces pain and nausea
·         Eases the insertion of an IV
·         Improves mood
·         Empowers the child
·         Helps the child visualize their healing process
·         Gives them a tool to manage their emotions
·         It is fun to do and feels good

Benefits of Tapping for the family members:
·         Reduces their stress, anxiety and worry
·         Gives parents a useful tool to manage and improve their feelings while dealing with a serious illness in their child
·         Empowers parents to help themselves and their child feel calm

The quality of life for these children has improved drastically, and consequently that of their parents, the hospital staff, the doctor and others working with them. The healing process can be filled with peace, joy, love and laughter.  Tapping is one technique that helps make that possible.

About Deborah: Deborah D. Miller, EFT Expert, Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology, Dressing Your Truth Expert, Deeksha Giver, Reiki Master and Personal Motivation guide, is passionate about helping people release the emotional charge and traumas of their lives, especially the ones from their childhood. She does so using her scientific mind and intuition, which is a beautiful combination.

Deborah began volunteering in the children’s cancer area in September of 2007, applying EFT and other energy techniques to the children, parents and the nursing and medical staff to help them reduce stress, fear and anxiety and improve their mental and emotional health. Helping these children have tools to manage their emotions has led to a heart-felt passion to help more and more children all over the world. Her work in the hospital is complementary to the treatments given and is aimed at improving the quality of life of those involved.

To learn more about and/or support Deborah and her work with the children with cancer go to or contact Deborah for private consultations and group sessions at or


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  1. "One incredibly powerful yet gentle way to do so is with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT o Tapping)."

    Yes, this EFT is really an amazing and easy-to-do technique. Works with me a lot :)


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